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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do Clinics Actually Give Personalized Odds of Success?

I came upon a free fertility success calculator and it made me wonder whether clinics took all your information, did some calculations and gave you a concrete number. "Well Mr. Smith, your sperm looks good, but there's not a whole lot of it. And Mrs. Smith is 33 so when I plug that into the machine [bleep, bleep, bleep] your chance of success is 43.25% over 3 cycles." Does that really happen?

It doesn't happen at my clinic - no one ever spoke of odds. And I'm not to sure I'd want really, really specific numbers like that anyway. But I find it interesting. I got very general messages "Your follicles look good" type stuff. There is also a language barrier as I live in a country where I can't speak the language well enough to converse with doctors about medical things in the local language. So there's always stuff that gets lost in translation.

You'll find the IVF success calculator here.

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  1. It seems like the answer is either the 'your follicles look good type of stuff' or 'i suggest donor eggs' But most clinics should have their success rates broken down specific to diagnosis. One question on my list for my future (hopefully never) IVF consult is, what is are my odds being 33, unexplained infertility, one non-viable pregnancy, etc, etc. Or even, what are your success rates for unexplained infertility or fill in the blank diagnosis. However, I wasn't very happy with that online ivf success rate predictor.

    Happy ICLW