My ramblings about my infertility treatment. I never wrote a blog before. I'm a 35 year old woman hoping to have my first baby this year. My boyfriend is a cancer survivor so IVF is our best option right now.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Did It ...

I peed on a stick. Is that how you write peed? Maybe it should be peeed or pee-ed, but then thats a whole lot of 'e's. I could look it up, but I am far too lazy for such things. Anyway, I went after work today to buy some tests for the future and I was so possessed that I  went to the nearest bathroom and whipped out the stick and pee-ed on it like a junkie needing a fix.  I am 6 days post day 3 transfer so thats is 11 days post trigger, and my trigger dose was 6500, not that 10,000 that a lot of women get. Anyway...... I got a big fat .... inconclusive. It was a clearblue digital and it couldn't determine whether I'm preggo or not. Haha, serves me right for trying so early, with very diluted urine. I did have a very very very faint second line which is either leftover HCG or my very own baby making hormone.

So, now I have 5 tests left and plan to test every morning to develop a "trend" until I get a final result. Kind of fun, kind of insane, and that way I won't have any surprises. I am feeling sort of hopeful based on my "symptoms," but also trying to stay realistic that I may very well be feeling things that aren't really there and that I am on progesterone which *might* be responsible for some of the symptoms. I've been pregnant before and I know what HCG does to me --- it gives me something akin to pregnancy narcolepsy. And I attain the ability to smell, not cigarette smoke, but cigarette ashes. Anyway, here's hoping that line gets darker tomorrow!!


  1. I would be doing the same. I just can't help it!
    This past year I peed on so many sticks! My DH said the bathroom looked like a lab. I just started my IVF treatment, my shots begin on Wednesday! Cant wait to start peeing on those sticks!!
    Good luck!!!

  2. Here's hoping for dark, obvious lines in the next couple of days!! ICLW

  3. Ahh I would do the same. Crossing my fingers for a positive!

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Lola - good luck with the injections! I didn't find them so bad. After the first time, that is.