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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Language of IVF (I'm in 2WW - 1dp3dt)

IVF folk, like twins, have their own language. The language of IVF is second nature to me now, but it wasn't always that way.  Learning the language is pretty overwhelming at first. By the time you are in your 2WW, you are considering adding IVF Language to your CV/resume.

I found this list - I think it is pretty funny and I think that things that are funny help the 2WW go by quicker with a better chance of maintaining sanity. It's about the 2WW and IVF speak.

2WW Syndrome

You might have 2WW Syndrome if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Familiarity with the acronym POAS and using it frequently in a messageboard setting. 
  • Repeated questioning when to take a home pregnancy test (HPT) while knowing the answer. 
  • Wishing HCG would go away fast  and then come back even faster. 
  • Stockpiling evil test kits. 
  • Complete disinterest in anything unrelated to an IVF or pregnancy Google search. 
  • Knowing what 6dp3dt means. 
  • Persistent dreams about two lines. 
  • Urinembryophobia - the fear of peeing out embryos. 
  • Desire for 10 days of bed rest or medically induced hibernation. 
  • Being wished 'sticky thoughts' by complete strangers. 
  • Obsessive analysis of every body twinge. 
  • Being certain of pregnancy signs at any given moment. 
  • Being certain of a negative results the next minute. 
  • Not sure if one should laugh or cry, for no reason whatsoever. 
  • The desire to hide from in-laws. 
  • Belief that some food groups conspire to attack embryos. 
  • Talking to a higher power, even if not religious.


  1. Ha! This was funny and yes I recognize them. Crazy, isn't it. Good luck on your 2ww! Sending Baby dust your way..

  2. That's a great list! I think over the years I've had all of those symptoms! Best of luck in your 2WW!

  3. Thanks for sharing