My ramblings about my infertility treatment. I never wrote a blog before. I'm a 35 year old woman hoping to have my first baby this year. My boyfriend is a cancer survivor so IVF is our best option right now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I just found out that apparently I wasted a boatload of money on digital pregnancy tests. I went out on Monday evening and bought 2 packs of 3. Why do they suck? Because you just get the read out of pregnant or not pregnant (or an error message which is what I got on the first one). Hey, that's all well and good right? Then you remove the strip from the digital unit and there are lines...hmmmm this looks familiar. I have what looks like a dark line and a light line. Well that sure looks like a faint positive to me. Two lines is positive right? No. Because you can't read the lines. Makes no sense to me. You put lines on a pregnancy test and they are irrelevant?!?! Apparently so.

And before y'all start saying, "why the hell didn't you read the instructions?" Well I can't. Because it's written in a foreign language. And I only understand that language at the 5th grade level which makes reading pregnancy test details quite difficult. But I found this online. it's good to know, but I wish I knew this a few days ago. Read for yourself here.


  1. Ahh how frustrating!

    Just curious, what country are you in?

  2. Yes, but much better news this morning!

    I'm in the Netherlands.

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